How to buy a new chocolate cell phone

How to buy a new chocolate cell phone

The world’s best chocolate cell phones have come under scrutiny after an Italian court ruled they can be sold without the country’s mandatory registration requirement.

The court’s ruling, which came in the wake of a number of high-profile scandals, follows an investigation into a spate of thefts from chocolate bars, and a subsequent ban on the sale of mobile phones that were made without the required registration.

In an unprecedented ruling, the court of Cassation ordered the sale, and the manufacture and distribution of, of “supervised” chocolate cellphones in Italy.

The ruling is an extraordinary development in the country, where chocolate bars are a staple of many families.

The new chocolate phones will be sold to Italians without having to be registered, but they will have to undergo a “specially formulated testing process” before being distributed.

This process will take place between April and July.

The trial will also be conducted by the national prosecutor’s office, which has a number other powers to investigate crimes.

The judgement is significant because it has allowed chocolate bars to be sold, even though the Italian authorities have made it mandatory for them to be imported and sold in a way that is compliant with national regulations.

The judgment also makes it clear that the government is not interested in regulating chocolate sales in Italy, and it will be up to the courts to decide whether to enforce the requirement.

“It is the government that has decided that chocolate can be freely sold in the public sphere,” said Luigi Vannini, the director of the Italian trade union Solidarity with Italy.

That will give them a licence to sell them without the registration requirement.””

The ruling says that the sale and manufacture of the new mobile phones in Italy will have no restriction.

That will give them a licence to sell them without the registration requirement.”

The court also said it would not interfere with the sale by manufacturers of “specialised” chocolate products, such as ice cream, that have been registered in another country.

“The decision is not a ban on imports, but a restriction of sales of the supervised chocolate,” said Giulio Bini, a member of the court’s group of judges.

“This will allow the manufacturers to sell the specialised products in Italy without registration, as long as they meet certain conditions.”


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