Mobile emergency phone not included in bill to pay for doctor visit

Mobile emergency phone not included in bill to pay for doctor visit

A mobile phone that can be used to communicate with a doctor, emergency services or for other purposes is not included on the bill for an emergency call, according to a new report from Consumer Reports.

The company analyzed data from more than 100 health care providers in 24 states, looking at the cost of calling 911 or calling an ambulance during an emergency and finding that only one in five had a mobile phone.

The study, which was published on Thursday in the journal Consumer Reports, shows that the average phone bill for emergency calls was $25, but only one out of every four of those calls had a phone connected to the network.

According to Consumer Reports’ report, which found that the cost per call ranged from $1.65 to $3.30, the majority of emergency calls had no cell coverage, or the phone was disconnected before emergency services arrived.

The most common types of emergency call included:Emergency calls to a doctor or hospital, an emergency medical service or an ambulance, or an in-person visit.

Call to an attorney, insurance agent or a lawyer.

Emergency calls from the family to a law enforcement officer, a public defender, or a police department.

Emergency call to a member of the armed forces, a member or a civilian employee of the United States or the Armed Forces of the Commonwealth.

Emergency contact to a court employee, a law student, a teacher, or other staff member.

Emergency service calls to an ambulance or a medical facility.

Emergency health care calls to hospitals or clinics, such as a hospital emergency room, emergency department, or emergency room at home.

Emergency treatment calls, including those from a physician, hospital emergency department or physician office.

Call for a medical examination.

Emergency care calls, like those from an ambulance service or medical facility at home, to a hospital or clinic, such a nursing home, or hospital emergency ward.

Emergency medical calls to law enforcement officers, a court official, a firefighter or paramedic, or police officers.

Emergency visits, like that from a family member, a police officer, or public defender.

Emergency hospital and emergency room visits, such that from an emergency department.

Health care workers are the most likely to have a phone with a mobile data connection.

According the report, only two out of four emergency call centers had a cellphone with cellular coverage.

The majority of the remaining calls, 77%, had no cellular coverage or were connected to cellular networks.

Consumer Reports, the consumer health insurance group, said the findings were based on a sample of more than 400 health care plans in 24 different states.

Consumer Reports is not affiliated with any insurance companies.

Consumer reports does not rate health care companies on their performance.


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