How to tell if your cellular phone retailer is selling phones that aren’t for sale

How to tell if your cellular phone retailer is selling phones that aren’t for sale

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon, TCL, and Verizon Wireless have all announced that they will be selling phones from their brands that they say aren’t eligible for the federal Lifeline program.

Here’s what you need to know.

AT&T has announced that it will no longer sell phones from Verizon Wireless, which it says is selling devices that are not eligible for Lifeline.

Verizon Wireless announced the change last week.

It also says that it has removed phones from its list of ineligible carriers.

The carrier said it would be discontinuing the phones at the end of the month.

Sprint says it will be discontinuting phones from T-Mo, Sprint’s mobile phone service provider.

T-Mobile says it is discontinuing all of its devices from TELUS, the operator of the Canadian wireless service, as well.

Verizon says it has stopped selling its phones from AT& and T-mobile.

Sprint has announced it will continue to sell phones on its own.

The changes come as the Lifeline waiver program has come under increasing scrutiny.

For many years, the Liftel program allowed people who received a federal disability benefit to use their monthly phone subsidy to pay for a smartphone that they could then use for business, family, or personal purposes.

But in 2015, the Federal Communications Commission began requiring carriers to sell all phones that weren’t eligible.

On Wednesday, the FCC ordered AT&t and Sprint to sell their devices and to stop selling phones they no longer could sell under the Lifelabel program.

The order also requires T-MO and TCL to stop buying phones from the carriers.

A spokesperson for Sprint told ABC News that the company does not sell phones that are eligible for these Lifeline programs, which is a violation of FCC rules.

The spokesperson said that, as of today, the company is continuing to sell and sell the phones that it currently does sell under these Lifelabels.


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