Trump blasts Comey as ‘weak’ on ‘global warming’ in Senate interview

Trump blasts Comey as ‘weak’ on ‘global warming’ in Senate interview

President Donald Trump slammed the FBI director over his handling of the Russia probe on Wednesday, blasting the FBI chief for not being more aggressive in pursuing charges against his former national security adviser.

In a wide-ranging interview with The Hill, Trump said he was surprised to hear Comey was not going to be indicted, adding that the bureau had already been investigating Flynn and Manafort, both who he said were “weak.”

“We were told there were no charges, there was no indictment, that he was going to get away with it,” Trump said.

“And then it turns out that there was indictments, and I mean, I think it was so stupid that it was a very stupid move, that the FBI was going out and charging people.

He was just so weak.””

The FBI was very weak,” Trump added.

“They are very weak.

And I mean they have to be.

We have to get tough, we have to protect our country.

I mean I think they have had a very bad couple of years.

They are very, very weak.”

The president also slammed FBI Director James Comey for the “unfair” and “unacceptable” leaks that led to the resignation of his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn.

“I think it’s unfair that the person who was fired was fired and then it’s an indictment, and the person that was fired is in jail,” Trump continued.

“But the FBI has been so weak, and he has been very weak, in terms of prosecuting and taking the cases.

And they are weak.

They’re just weak.

So I think he’s been weak.”

Trump added that the leaks by former National Intelligence Director James Clapper “were just horrible.”

“What he said, they were terrible,” Trump argued.

“He’s not going down in history as a good man.

He’s not.”

Trump has repeatedly suggested that former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential election.

“The wiretapping of the president and the people that are working for him are the same thing,” Trump tweeted in February.

“The president and his people are under investigation.”

“I would never do that.

Period,” Trump clarified on Wednesday.

“That’s just not going on.”


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