How to Use the Cellphone Interceptor

How to Use the Cellphone Interceptor

A cellular phone interceptors capabilities to collect data on cellphones, and thus intercepting the content of messages on their devices, has been around for some time, but now it has become possible to use it to track the whereabouts of a person or even track a specific individual.

A new article published on the Open Technology Institute (OTI) website claims that this new technology has been deployed to track individuals using the new “Cellular Phone Interceptor” technology.

According to the article, the device interceptor is designed to be used to collect information from cellular phones and can be remotely activated by a user through the internet.

The article states that the device can be activated by simply tapping the cell phone in an open space and then a voice command is issued.

The device then scans for the user’s device ID and then sends a signal to that specific cell phone.

The information collected is then passed on to the government, which then sends an automated response that states “this is your phone”.

A new article on the OTI website claims the “Celluloid Phone Interceptors capabilities are being deployed to the battlefield to track targets that have been identified as a threat to national security.

The capability can also be used by the government to track suspects in criminal cases, and it can also track a targeted individual.

The ability to capture this information is critical to the success of the new cell phone technology.”

In order to make use of this technology, the author of the article recommends that the user of the device activate the device, go to the location of the person the device is aimed at and then tap the cell phones in that location.

This will then allow the device to determine if the person has an active phone and send an automated call to that person’s cell phone number, and then the person will be identified and tracked down.

The ability to track a person using the device will allow the government “to track a target that has been identified or a suspect that has an ongoing criminal investigation”, the article reads.

“A successful tracking of a targeted suspect will provide a much better understanding of that person, allowing authorities to better target those suspected of crimes and help bring them to justice.

This is crucial to the security of the United States and our national security.”

The ability of the interceptor to track individual cellphones is not new, but the recent developments surrounding this capability have caused concern amongst privacy advocates, who fear that the use of the technology will be abused to track people without their knowledge.

In recent months, the government has also been known to use a “cellular fingerprint” system, which was created to allow police to track someone who has had their phones stolen.

The government has used the technology to track protesters and people who have spoken out against the Dakota Access Pipeline.

According the Open Government Alliance (OGA), a non-profit organisation that focuses on open government, “the government is using a new kind of surveillance technology to collect cell phone data on hundreds of thousands of people, using the cell tower data of every cell phone that is in a person’s hands at any given time.”

In a statement on their website, OGA said, “It is vital that we understand what these new technologies are being used for, and what safeguards are in place to protect people’s privacy.

We need to know whether the government is being serious about protecting our privacy and security or just collecting data to satisfy its own agenda.”


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