How to get rid of cell phone residue

How to get rid of cell phone residue

When your mobile phone is covered in a sticky residue, you’ll likely never get rid or get it off your phone again.

But that’s exactly what happened to one woman in Queensland who took the plunge and bought a $10,000 mobile phone to make sure her phone was still functioning after the sticky residue.

Key points:”It’s just a matter of a minute or two”Mum of four who lives in the Sunshine Coast says it was “a good investment””In an effort to get a phone off her mobile, Julie Lippert bought a “clean” cell phone for her two-year-old daughter and set about trying to remove the residue from the phone.”

She’s actually had the phone cleaned and wiped clean,” Ms Lippart said.”

I thought, ‘I want my phone to be functional and she’ll be able to use it when she’s older’.

“Ms Lippess said the cleaning had not helped.”

It was just a quick rinse with a rag and I got the residue off with some cotton swabs,” she said.

Ms Lizzert said the only way to get the residue away from the handset was to take it to a cleaner.”

You just have to be careful,” she explained.”

Because there’s a little bit of sticky stuff and it just accumulates over time, it just just goes all over your phone.

So you can just have it wiped off, scrubbed with some cloth or just take it off and put it in the washing machine and it’s done.

“The mobile phone had been stored in her garage for a while, and she said she had not been able to find it in years.”

The only way I’ve got it out of the garage is to have a cleaner,” she added.”

So if you’re cleaning it up, it’s going to take a little while, but it’s definitely worth it.

“She said the phone was a great investment.”

To be honest, I didn’t think it would be as cheap as I was thinking,” Ms Rizzi said.

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