What is the deal with Sprint’s new $200 monthly unlimited data plan?

The carrier is trying to push customers onto unlimited data plans after months of raising prices.

The company announced the change last week, but it was delayed by the fact that it was an open secret that Sprint is planning to offer unlimited data.

It is still unknown how many people will be able to opt in.

We are told that Sprint’s plan is to offer 4G LTE data at $0.00 for $100 per month and 4G Wi-Fi for $40 per month, and will start at $50 per month.

Sprint has not revealed any price details for the data, but reports indicate that the carrier will offer speeds of up to 1.2 gigabits per second (Mbps).

It is unclear what the data will be used for.

Sprint’s announcement comes at a time when the company is being criticized for its wireless pricing.

The carrier’s latest price hike was announced last week and resulted in the carrier cutting off some customers who had signed up for unlimited data and offering them a $50 credit for each additional gigabyte.

This move caused major criticism, as many customers were not happy that they would not be able a $100 credit for the additional data they were being billed for.

It was also announced that Sprint would no longer offer the new $20 monthly data plan for its unlimited data customers.

This new plan will be available to Sprint customers in three different plans.

The first plan will offer data at speeds of 1.4 Mbps and will cost $60 per month with $30 credit.

The second plan will give the customer a $40 credit for every additional gigabit of data they used.

The third plan will also give the user a $30 monthly credit for any extra gigabit they use.

We do not know how many customers will be eligible for these plans, but a spokesperson for Sprint told us that it will begin to roll out the new plans by mid-November.

The company is also working to get new customers on the prepaid carrier’s prepaid network.

The prepaid plan will only allow customers to use up to two devices at once, which is an improvement from the previous prepaid plans.

Sprint is also offering a new plan for customers who are already on the network.

Sprint is introducing a $200 data credit for $20 a month.

Customers will be allowed to use any device with a 1.6Ghz LTE modem, and the credit will not expire.

This will make it easier for customers to sign up for the new plan.

The Sprint plan will not include unlimited data, however, and it will be capped at 2 GB per month on top of the $20 credit.

It also includes a one-year contract with a $500 balance.


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