How to keep your phone on a plane

How to keep your phone on a plane

A passenger on a Boeing 737 who was left stranded on an airplane because the battery was running low says the flight was one of the worst she has experienced in her life.

Carina Kaczmarek was travelling from Seattle to London when she got into a cabin on the plane, the BBC reports.

The 737 is one of Boeing’s newest 737 models, which are made by Boeing and can fly up to 6,000mph.

When the plane landed in London, Ms Kaczaurek says she realised there were a few things wrong with the plane.

“It had a lot of wires in the floor, it had wires hanging from the ceiling, and the seats were too far apart, and it was all very cramped,” she told the BBC.

After some minutes of struggling to get her phone on the charger, Ms Gauden said the phone would go dead if she tried to take it out of the plane’s battery.

Ms Kaczyk, who lives in the US, said she tried the onboard charging system but it would not charge.

“[The pilot] said it’s not the battery, it’s the system, so we’ve got to figure out a way to get it to charge it,” she said.

A flight attendant said the plane was carrying a load of fuel when Ms Kanczmareck told her that she needed to get a charger for the phone, which she then did.

Her battery had already died and was not fully charged.

“He said it was going to be like a bad case of cell phone fatigue and said you’ll get no phone calls for the next four hours,” Ms Kacszmarech said.

“But, as soon as I got the charger on the airplane, the phone was charged.”

She was later able to contact her friends in the United States who had also been stranded on the same plane.

“I think it’s a miracle,” she added.

In another incident on Monday, a passenger on an Air France flight was left on the ground in a car while his wife and children were being transferred from Paris to Nice, France.

Air France was one the first airlines to offer mobile phones to its passengers, but the move caused an uproar.

Despite the move, the passenger on the flight said the new technology was a welcome addition to the travel experience.

“It’s great for us,” the passenger, who wished to remain anonymous, told the Associated Press.

ABC News’ David Dutton in Canberra, Australia, contributed to this report.


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