Can you make a phone that costs less than a smartphone?

Google News headlines: Cheap cell phones are cheaper than cell phones, according to a new study by a US-based company.

The study, conducted by a team of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, concluded that cheap smartphones are no more efficient than cheaper cell phones in terms of making calls, sending and receiving data, and charging the device.

Researchers have also found that cheap phones have a lower battery life than comparable smartphones.

Google said the study is the largest study of its kind, using a range of research methods to measure how smartphones perform.

A Google spokesperson said the company is aware of the study and will release more information in the coming days.

The study, which looked at smartphone performance in different scenarios, is part of Google’s efforts to encourage people to pay for more data services.

In a statement, Google said it’s looking to “help people make smarter decisions about their data usage.”

The researchers, led by John J. Kelly, a professor of engineering and director of the Carnegie Mellon Center for Mobile and Mobile Computing, used two different methods to determine how much data consumers actually use on their smartphones, and how much is wasted.

First, they took measurements of how many data services the phones used over the course of a month.

Then they used a data science approach called “geospatial optimization,” which analyzes the data data, such as time spent on the phone, to calculate how much time the phone spent “spending more than the data service’s advertised capacity” and “spent less than the service’s advertising capacity.”

 The results revealed that smartphones with lower-capacity cellular services (such as those from Nokia) consumed more data than phones with more-capacity mobile data services (from AT&T or Verizon), and that the higher the quality of service, the lower the amount of data consumers consumed.

Kelly said he believes the findings are significant because it’s the first time that data usage has been measured in such a quantitative way.

“The question that needs to be asked is: How can we make these data services more efficient?” he said.

A study published earlier this year by another research team found that smartphone users spend an average of 1.4 hours a day in their phone using data services and an average 3.1 hours per day on data use that wasn’t included in their device data plan.

The difference in smartphone usage was greater for men than women, but Kelly said the difference was mostly a matter of people’s phone models and usage patterns.

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