The Palestinian Authority’s new ‘cellular smartphone’ will be available for sale

The Palestinian Authority’s new ‘cellular smartphone’ will be available for sale

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas announced a new smartphone designed for Palestinians on Thursday, calling it “the cell phone holder” and saying it will be offered at subsidized prices.

Abbas told the nation that the new device will be launched later this month at the end of Ramadan, the Muslim month that marks the end to the fasting month of Ramadan.

Abraham Hameed, the head of the Palestinian Telecommunications Authority (PTA), said that the phone will feature a 1.8-inch (4.4-millimeter) screen and will be compatible with mobile devices.

The phone will be sold at a discounted price of 9,000 dirhams ($10) and will have a two-year warranty, Hameeds said.

The phone will also be sold with a prepaid SIM card, Hames told reporters.

Hameeds told reporters that the Palestinian Authority has received “many requests for the cell phone,” adding that he had heard that “a lot of people are interested” in the new phone.

“It’s a project of the PA to give everyone the possibility to buy a phone in a reasonable price,” Hamees said.

In January, Abbas announced the creation of the Islamic Research and Research Foundation (IRRF), an Islamic organization that aims to “educate the youth in the religion, sciences and arts” through courses in the Quran.

The group also announced that it would establish a center for Islamic studies in the West Bank, and would also open a center in Gaza.

In February, the Islamic Association of Palestine (IAAP) announced that the PA would establish the National Center for the Promotion of Islam in the Territories, an Islamic education center that would help “build up the cultural and social environment for the development of the Muslim nation in the territories,” the news agency reported.

The Islamic Association for Palestine (IIPA) said in December that it had “reached the stage of development” of establishing the center, which is “currently under construction and will provide for the promotion of Islamic values, in the Palestinian territories.”

The Islamic Society of Gaza (ISOG), an organization that was established in January, said in a statement on Thursday that it was “deeply pleased to welcome the announcement by the PLO, PA, and Hamas that the Islamic Society for Palestine will establish a centre to promote Islamic values in the Gaza Strip.”ISOG called the announcement “historic,” and called on Palestinian leaders to “support the establishment of the institute to help strengthen and build the Muslim identity in the occupied territories.”


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