Why you should check if your phone is being used as a fraudster

Why you should check if your phone is being used as a fraudster

Some mobile phone customers may have unwittingly given their mobile number to their phone company, while others may have taken out a loan for a mobile phone with the intention of using it to commit fraud.

The Australian Financial Reform Agency has published a new report, which identifies more than 100 mobile phone fraud cases from the last year.

In the report, the ACCA also recommends that consumers check if their mobile phone is actually being used to commit a fraud and to ensure that fraudsters are not able to use their mobile to make payments to a third party.

The ACCA says that in 2015, more than 4.4 million mobile phone numbers were compromised and more than 10,000 mobile phones were lost or stolen.

The report also recommends consumers to:Report the mobile phone they’re using to make a payment if it is a new one.

If you suspect your mobile is being exploited, report the fraudster to the ACCC immediately.

Report fraudulent transactions to the Financial Crime Squad.

If a fraudsters mobile is stolen, report it to the police.

Report the fraudsters payment to the bank or the credit union.

Report your mobile phone’s location to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

If the mobile is registered to someone who is not your business, report that person to the Consumer Affairs Authority.

If your mobile was stolen and the person who registered it is now an authorised person for your business or if your business was involved in the theft, contact the police immediately.

If it was stolen from you, call your mobile company or bank to get your details, and report the crime to the authorities.

You can also report fraud to the Communications Security Establishment (CSE).

If your phone has been used to make fraudulent payments to the ABC, the Communications Services Commission (CSC), the Commonwealth, the Victorian and Queensland governments, or any other organisations, the fraud will also be reported to the relevant agencies.

The Federal Government has also made a number of changes to mobile phone security, including changes to the use of passwords.


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