You need to pay your cellular bill, because you’re going to get a phone!

Cellular phone company Cellular Communications Association (CCAA) has launched a “cellular conference phone” campaign that is promising to make you “pay your cellular phone bill.”The company is using the hashtag #CellularConferencePhone to promote the campaign.CCAA President and CEO Tom Toth tweeted the hashtag to his 4.9 million followers on Monday, asking followers to tweet to their friends and family to […]

How to sign up for your first cellular phone contract

You may have heard of the Cellular Phone Pro, the cell-phone company that sells the Cell-Phone Pro, a wireless-phone that uses a special chip that can send data over a short distance.But how does the Cell Phone Pro work?How long does it last?And how much does it cost?The Cellular Phone Pros’ most recent contract is for $50 a month.But you […]

Which Cellular Phone Insurance Plan Is Right For You?

There are three types of cell phone insurance companies, according to the Federal Trade Commission.One is a company that pays for your phone service through a fixed monthly fee and offers plans that offer coverage to a certain number of people per month.The other two are companies that pay you directly and offer a fixed annual rate for coverage that […]