Cell phone definition: Who uses cell phones?

The definition of “cellular” has been evolving in recent years.In 2007, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that “cell phones” was a broad category that encompassed not only smartphones but also some older models that had not yet been replaced by the newest generation.In 2015, the Supreme Court made the same ruling in a different case called Kitzhaber v.City of Cleveland.The […]

How do we get rid of blue phones?

By the late 1990s, blue phones were starting to become popular in Israel.The idea was to replace the bulky, expensive, and time-consuming phone system with a simple, yet sleek, and reliable cellular phone system.But the first generation of Blue Phones did not exactly go to plan.One year after the first Blue Phone was launched, a different model with a different […]

Apple to sell smartphones in Walmart stores

Apple is planning to sell its iPhones in Walmart supermarkets and the company is working with Walmart on the rollout of its new smartphone network.The move comes as the company looks to build a network that can help customers buy its products at discount prices.Walmart has not yet released a timeline for the rollout, but sources told the Wall Street […]

Free-to-play game costco will make ‘Star Wars’ game cost-efficient

Costco’s upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront game is expected to cost $39.99, or about $2.19 less than its closest competitor.In an interview with TalkSport, senior vice president of global media, communications and analytics, Joe Coughlin, said the game’s pricing was “optimistic” and that the company would offer “more value” to players.“We believe in cost-effectiveness,” he said.Coughlins comment follows the announcement of […]

How much does a cell phone cost?

Cell phones have long been seen as a way for people to stay connected to friends and family without a lot of data.But a lot has changed since cell phones first appeared in the 1980s.Today, with many people connected to a smartphone, the costs of a basic cell phone have gone up substantially.We’re now talking about $400 for a basic […]

Blackberry is making a comeback: Part II

In a year full of great new products, BlackBerry is doing something different with the smartphone business.The company has announced plans to re-open a manufacturing plant in New York and plans to build new production lines in the U.S. and overseas.It’s the latest chapter in a decade-long turnaround story, which began with a mobile phone line that was bought by […]

How to get rid of cell phone residue

When your mobile phone is covered in a sticky residue, you’ll likely never get rid or get it off your phone again.But that’s exactly what happened to one woman in Queensland who took the plunge and bought a $10,000 mobile phone to make sure her phone was still functioning after the sticky residue.Key points:”It’s just a matter of a minute […]

The Best Cell Phone Prices In Canada

In an era of massive global mobile competition, Canada’s cellphone prices are among the cheapest in the world.The Canadian Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) says cellphone pricing is the cheapest of all in Canada, with prices ranging from $0.06 per month for a single month to $0 of a year.It says Canada is second only to Japan, with cellphone prices […]


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