Why you should buy a $1,000 Galaxy S4 with 2GB of storage

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was an incredibly good phone, but there were still some issues with the device, including its inability to connect to Wi-Fi networks and its tendency to freeze.The S4, however, has been a hit, as the handset’s battery has proven itself a very reliable performer.So why is this phone still so much better than the original?Let’s take […]

Google’s cell phone display won’t work with Google+ app

A Google spokesperson told TechCrunch that Google+ cannot be used for cellular phone data because Google+ is not a “Google product.”“We don’t support any device on Google’s network,” the spokesperson said.“Google’s Android and Google Play services are designed to work with the latest phones.This is the only way to use these services.We can’t provide you with a Google+ account if […]

You need to pay your cellular bill, because you’re going to get a phone!

Cellular phone company Cellular Communications Association (CCAA) has launched a “cellular conference phone” campaign that is promising to make you “pay your cellular phone bill.”The company is using the hashtag #CellularConferencePhone to promote the campaign.CCAA President and CEO Tom Toth tweeted the hashtag to his 4.9 million followers on Monday, asking followers to tweet to their friends and family to […]

AT&T, Verizon plan to raise monthly mobile data prices by 10 cents per GB

AT&P and Verizon said on Thursday that they would raise monthly cellular phone and Internet rates by 10 percent and 5 percent, respectively, starting January 1. AT&P’s proposed plan, announced last week, would increase monthly rates by $0.25 per GB, or 10 cents, to $64.95.Verizon’s plan, unveiled on Wednesday, would hike monthly rates from $67.25 to $99.50. Verizon said that its plan […]

Which companies are suing Google over privacy?

Cellular phone companies are asking a federal judge to order Google to delete a Google search that asked which companies are paying for the use of cell phone sex photos.In the lawsuit filed Wednesday, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile say the search results show that the search terms for the service are not limited to sex photos, but include other […]

How to sign up for your first cellular phone contract

You may have heard of the Cellular Phone Pro, the cell-phone company that sells the Cell-Phone Pro, a wireless-phone that uses a special chip that can send data over a short distance.But how does the Cell Phone Pro work?How long does it last?And how much does it cost?The Cellular Phone Pros’ most recent contract is for $50 a month.But you […]

The new Microsoft cellular phone magnifies your pictures

Microsoft’s new Lumia smartphone, the Lumia 950, is the company’s best-selling phone of all time.It’s also one of the most popular smartphones ever made, thanks in part to its built-in camera, which allows users to take great pictures.But that’s not all, because the Lumia 900, a similar phone, has been in use for years.And as we noted, that’s probably why […]

How to buy a cell phone with old technology

If you’re buying a cell or smartphone today, the first thing you might want to do is check if your carrier’s standard of service is still valid.You might want a cell with a more advanced version of the operating system, or you might be interested in a phone with a better camera, or a lower price tag.But the answer is […]

Which smartphone game is best for cell phones?

The game that will soon be available for the iPhone is a cellular phone game.You can make use of the cellular telephone and use your phone in different ways.In the game you can call a number, dial an address, send a message, make a call, use the internet and use the GPS system.The game is called Cell Phone Game.It is […]


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